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Tourist arrivals decreased in June

17/07/2019 15:48

Arrivals of tourists fell to 509.662 in June 2019 compared with 511.073 in the same month of 2018, recording a decrease of 0.3%, according to the Passengers Survey published on Wednesday by the Statistical Service.

Between January – June 2019 arrivals of tourists dropped to 1.631.023 from 1.645.149 in the corresponding period of 2018, a decrease of 0.9%, said Cystat.

The Survey showed that tourist arrivals from Russia decreased by 5.1% in June 2019 compared with June 2018, whereas tourists from Sweden decreased by 12.5%.

Tourist arrivals from the United Kingdom remained at the same level as last year, recording a marginal increase of 0,1%. Arrivals from Israel saw a big increase of 39.7%.

The United Kingdom constitutes the main source of tourism for Cyprus for June 2019, accounting for 32.5% of total arrivals, followed by Russia with 23.0%, Israel with 6.5% and Sweden with 4.4%.

The Survey showed that 86.4% of tourists visited Cyprus in June for holidays, 9.2% to visit friends and relatives and 4.4% were on a business trip.