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Tourist arrivals in June 2021 record annual increase

19/07/2021 13:47

A total of 184.159 tourist arrivals were recorded in June 2021, compared to 9.119 in June 2020, a period during which measures were implemented to prevent the spread of the coronavirus pandemic(COVID-19) in Cyprus , a press release by the statistical service of Cyprus says.

It adds that according to these measures, there was a ban of entry to the Republic on several categories of persons, including tourists, up to 8/6/2020. Compared to June 2019 (when 509.662 arrivals  were recorded), there was a decrease of 63,9%.

For the period of January – June 2021, arrivals of tourists totaled 340.984 compared to 255.675 in the corresponding period of 2020, recording an increase of 33,4%, and a decrease of 79,1% compared to the period of January – June 2019 (1.631.023 arrivals).

Arrivals from Russia were the main source of tourism for June 2021, with a share of 45,8% (84.400) of total arrivals, followed by Israel with 7,4% (13.553), Ukraine with 6,5% (11.991), Greece with 5,5%(10.209), Poland  with 5,0% (9.260) and the United Kingdom with 4,2% (7.700).

For a percentage of 82,8% of tourists, the purpose of their trip in June 2021 was holidays, for 10,9% visit to friends and relatives and for 6,3% business. Respectively, in June 2020, 42,6% of tourists visited Cyprus  for holidays, 28,0% visited friends or relatives and 29,4% visited Cyprus for business reasons.