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Τourist arrivals record huge annual increase in July

17/08/2021 16:36

Arrivals of tourists recorded a huge increase of 358.0% in July 2021 in Cyprus compared with July 2020, rising to 297,308 from 64,914, but decreased by 46.0% compared with July 2019, when arrivals reached 550,971, the Cyprus Statistical Service reported Tuesday.

Cystat said that between January – July 2021, arrivals of tourists totalled 638,292 compared to 320,589 in the corresponding period of 2020, increasing by 99.1%. However, there was a decrease of 70.7% compared with the same period of 2019, when they stood at 2,181,994.

The main source of tourism was Russia with a share of 28.2% or 83,926 of total arrivals, followed by the United Kingdom with 9.8% or 29,149, Poland with 7.6% or 22,460, Israel with 5.4% or 16,171, Ukraine with 5.0% or 14,731 and Greece with 4.7% or 13,957.

Eighty-five per cent of people arriving in Cyprus said the purpose of their trip was holidays, while 11.3% travelled to Cyprus to visit friends and relatives and 3.7% for business.

In July 2020, 70.6% of tourists had visited Cyprus for holidays, 20.1% to see friends or relatives and 9.3% for business reasons.