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CYTA requests incentives for its staff

02/02/2004 13:37
Cyprus Telecommunications Authority (CYTA) requested on Monday the exemption of the semi-governmental organization from the state’s policy in the granting of pay rise in the public and semi-governmental sector. Board Chairman, Stavros Kremmos said before the House Finance Committee that following the change of the legal framework, the Organization must proceed to the allocation of incentives and benefits to its staff. Similarly, CYTA General Manager, Nicos Timotheou referred to the increasing staff cost in view of the upcoming renewal of the union contracts.

“We hope that CYTA will not be put in the same position as the other semi-governmental organizations and the public sector as to the pay rises”, Mr. Timotheou noted, stressing that the final decisions are taken by the Finance Minister in agreement with SEK and PEO, which “I dare say they are not representative neither of CYTA nor of any other semi-governmental organization”. “We request that pay rises are granted in the form of incentives. We have to increase productivity”, Mr. Timotheou added.

Responding on the relevant questions, Board Chairman, Stavros Kremmos said that the privatization of CYTA is not an issue of discussion in the Board of Directors, but the legislative safeguard of the new institutional framework that will make the Management of the organization to deal with the new competitive environment. The relevant bill will be sent to CYTA’s staff in a week’s time.