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Women hold one third of seats in EU national parliaments

09/03/2023 09:14

One third of elected representatives in national parliaments in the EU are women according to data collected by the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) and shared by Eurostat to mark International Women’s Day.

In July 2022, women held 32.7% of all seats in national parliaments across the EU. Meanwhile, the world average was 26.4%.

In Cyprus, the percentage was and remains under the European and world average at merely 14.29% (eight women MPs out of a total of 56 MPs)

Worldwide, only three countries had a majority of women in their parliaments: Rwanda (61.3%), Cuba (53.4%) and Nicaragua (51.7%). An equal number of men and women (50.0%) had parliamentary seats in Mexico and the United Arab Emirates. According to IPU, the percentage for the UAE is due to the fact that there is a 50% quota in the country.

At the other extreme, there were three countries where no seats in parliament were held by women: Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu in Oceania, and Yemen in Western Asia.