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Higher discount on property tax

14/09/2015 13:05
DISY and DIKO suggest a further discount on timely payments of property tax to the relevant department.

The government proposes a 17.5% discount if the tax is paid until the end of October, either online or through banks.

President of DIKO Nicholas Papadopoulos suggested that the deduction for taxpayers reaches 20%.

President of DISY Averof Neophytou expressed his full support to the proposal of DIKO, saying that Troika sought additional revenues of € 20 mn from this tax in 2012, but the Cypriot state proposed €60 mn.

According to Finance Minister Harris Georgiades, the taxation on 2013 prices is postponed for 2016.

Mr. Georgiades, speaking at the joint meeting of the parliamentary committees of interior and financial affairs urged committee members to discuss the bill regarding the imposition of a property tax on 2013 prices so that next year taxation is imposed on the updated property values.

He added that in 2015 the property tax will be based on 1980 prices.