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MoF: Pessimistic for Lagarde list

24/02/2015 12:02
Finance Minister Harris Georgiades presented before the House Audit Committee today the procedure followed by the Republic of Cyprus to secure the Lagarde list.

He noted, however, that he is not very optimistic about securing the list since similar actions had been taken in the past with no positive outcome.

"I am not very optimistic that we can secure the list by repeating the process, but as we have announced, we are ready to try again”, said the Finance Minister to the Audit Committee.

Georgiades said that in January 2014, following consultations of the finance and foreign ministries, it was decided to make all necessary efforts to obtain the list through the ambassador in Paris.

He noted that the ambassador in Paris met with officers of the French Finance Ministry in February 2014 and requested the list which may contain Cypriots as well.

The ambassador followed the necessary steps in order to obtain the list by sending registered letters and reminders to officers, without getting any response though.