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Parliament adopts local government reform reducing municipalities to 20

04/03/2022 09:51

The Cypriot Parliament Plenary on Thursday voted in favour of three bills adopting the reform of Local Government reducing the number of Municipalities throughout the government-controlled areas to 20.

The district of Nicosia will have five Municipalities, Limassol four, Larnaca five, four in Pafos and two in Famagusta.

The Municipalities law was approved by 52 votes in favour with the four MPs of the Social Democrats (EDEK) voting against, while the Communities and District Council laws were voted unanimously.

The Plenary approved an amendment tabled by the ruling Democratic Rally (DISY) against local referendums.

The bills improve the legal framework and the coordination of the local government in Cyprus.

In a post on Twitter, the President of the Republic welcomed the adoption of the local authorities reform and spoke of a "historic reform."

"The Municipalities` self-sufficiency and economic sustainability safeguard the quality of services to all citizens,” President Anastasiades said.

Nicos Nouris, the Minister of the Interior, who was present during the parliamentary debate, hailed the adoption of the reform which concluded following “a ten-year arduous process.” He noted that the implementation of the reform will not be easy.

The new framework will be implemented by 2024.