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Ceiling on milk, bread water

31/01/2011 14:46
The government’s controversial bill for the setting of a ceiling on basic consumer goods such as milk, bread and water is just a step before its approval by the Parliament. The bill, which allows the government to impose a ceiling via a decree, has been approved by the Council of Ministers today.

According to Government Spokesman, Stephanos Stephanou, the Council of Ministers, which met today under the Chairmanship of the President of the Republic, Demetris Christofias, approved the bill on the imposition of a ceiling in the wholesale and retail price of goods.

“The setting of a ceiling concerns not only the basic consumer goods but also the row material of their production”, he said.

The bill enables the Commerce Minister to impose a ceiling on bread and the bakery products, the milk and the water.

According to the bill, the Minister will be able to issue a decree, which will determine – for a period of 45 days – a ceiling in the prices that are higher than justified by the international and domestic conditions.

Mr. Stephanou said that the bill aim to the more effective protection of the consumers and it is one of the measures that the government takes to tackle profiteering in the context of the free market.

“We had extended deliberations with all parties involved and the bill will be submitted to the Parliament”, he added.

He reminded that the Cyprus economy, as all European, operates within the framework of the competitive economy and the free market. “Those issues require specific procedures and specific time framework”, he concluded.