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Seven parties shape new political landscape in House of Representatives

01/06/2021 10:25

Representatives from seven political parties comprise the House of Representatives for 2021-2026 that emerged from Sunday’s parliamentary elections in Cyprus, ushering in a new political landscape.

The Democratic Rally (DISY) crossed the finishing line first, while all three major political parties DISY, AKEL and DIKO recorded losses. ELAM managed to double its percentage and was placed fourth, sending EDEK in the fifth place. EDEK was the only one among the traditional political forces that managed to record electoral gains. At the same time, the Democratic Front managed to enter parliament, leaving the Cyprus Green Party in the seventh place, despite pre-electoral high expectations based on polls.

The new political landscape that emerged from the elections became clear only late on Sunday evening, as the battle for the fourth place raged between ELAM and EDEK. The Solidarity Movement with 2.31% was unable to secure a seat in the new parliament, while the Hunters’ party come close to reaching the threshold but was eventually left out. Generation Change was also unable to elect an MP after securing 2.82%.

Adaptations to the electoral process due to restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic were a basic feature in the 2021 parliamentary elections. Abstention also reached a new record high, with 34.28%, the highest rate ever recorded in parliamentary elections in Cyprus. The new parliament will also feature fewer women, with only 8 female MPs, down from 11 in the 2016 parliamentary elections. Female representation in parliament is reduced to around 14.3%, one of the lowest in Europe.

Valid ballots were 357,714 (97.57%), invalid 6,824 (1.86%) and blank 2,070 (0.56%). The parties that enter parliament are Democratic Rally (DISY) securing a percentage of 27.77% or 99,332 votes (-2.9% compared to 2016 parliamentary elections), Progressive Party of Working People (AKEL) with a percentage of 22.34% or 79,910 votes (-3.3%), Democratic Party (DIKO) with 11.29% or 40,392 votes (-3.2%), National Popular Front (ELAM) with 6.78% or 24,255 votes (+3%), Movement for Social Democracy EDEK with 6.72% or 24,025 votes (+0.5%), Democratic Front with 6.10% or 21,834 votes and Cyprus Green Party with 4.41% or 15,761 votes (-0.4%).

Democratic Rally (DISY) secured 17 parliamentary seats, 5 in Nicosia, 3 in Limassol, 4 in Famagusta, 2 in Larnaca, 2 in Kyrenia and 1 in Paphos. Progressive Party of Working People (AKEL) secured 15 seats, 6 in Nicosia, 3 in Limassol, 3 in Famagusta and one each in Larnaca, Paphos and Kyrenia. Democratic Party (DIKO) secured 9 seats, 3 in Nicosia, 2 in Limassol, 2 in Famagusta, and one each in Larnaca and Paphos.

National Popular Front (ELAM) secured 4 seats, one each in Nicosia, Limassol, Famagusta and Larnaca. Movement for Social Democracy EDEK also secured 4 seats, one each in Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca and Paphos. Democratic Front also secured 4 seats, two in Nicosia, one in Limassol and one in Famagusta. Cyprus Green Party secured 3 seats, two in Nicosia and one in Limassol.

The elected members of the Parliament in Nicosia District are Neophytou Averof, Dimitriou Dimitris, Tornaritis Nikos, Georgiades Haris and Orfanidou Savia for DISY, Kyprianou Andros, Charalammpidou Erini, Stefanou Stefanos, Damianou Aristos, Loukaides Giorgos and Christofides Christos for AKEL, Papadopoulos Nikolas, Erotokritou Christiana and Pantelides Chrysis for DIKO, Christos Christos for ELAM, Efstathiou Kostis for EDEK, Tryfonidis Alekos and Mousiouttas Marinos for Democratic Front, Theopemptou Charalambos and Attalidou Alexandra for Cyprus Green Party.

In Limassol District, DISY elects Diplaros Efthymios, Tsiridou Fotini and Sykas Nikos, AKEL MPs are Costas Costas, Kafkalias Andreas and Nikolaou Marina, DIKO elects Mylonas Pavlos and Leonidou Panikos, ELAM is represented by Themistokleous Andreas, EDEK by Sizopoulos Marinos, Democratic Front elects Garoyan Marios and Cyprus Green Party is represented by Papadouris Stavros.

The MPs for Famagusta District are Hatzigiannis Kyriakos, Karoullas Giorgos, Koulla Onoufrios and Georgiou Nikos for DISY, Kettiros Nikos, Koukoumas George and Gabriel Giannakis for AKEL, Senekis Christos and Koulias Zacharias for DIKO, Papagiannis Linos for ELAM and Giakoumi Michalis for the Democratic Front.

In Larnaca District, DISY elects Dimitriou Annita and Alampritis Prodromos, AKEL is represented by Passiourtidis Andreas, DIKO elects Orphanides Christos, ELAM wins a seat with Ioannou Sotiris and EDEK elects Apostolou Andreas.

In Pafos District, DISY elects Pazaros Charalambos, AKEL Fakontis Valentinos, DIKO Savvidis Chrysanthos and EDEK Myrianthous Elias.

MPs for Kyrenia District are Mavridis Marios and Superman Theodorou Rita for DISY and Christofias Christos for AKEL.

Political leaders, in statements on Sunday evening, referred to the day after, on a national and party level, while some pointed to internal party procedures, before expressing interest for the post of the House Speaker.

In his statements, President of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades said that the day following the parliamentary elections must be characterised by an increased responsibility towards the country. He also said that he intends to convene a meeting with the leaders of the new Parliament`s political parties to seek together the roadmap for the future of the country.

“Society opted for the serious and responsible choice, while condemning irresponsible populism” said DISY President Averof Neophytou and noted that people’s choice for the country’s future is once more with DISY in the forefront.

We did not manage to persuade people, said in his statements the General Secretary of AKEL, Andros Kyprianou and noted that the result was not the one they expected. The party will respect the results and conduct a thorough analysis before coming up with conclusions, he said, pointing to the forthcoming party conference in June 25-27.

DIKO President Nikolas Papadopoulos expressed concern for losing 3 percentage points in relation to the previous parliamentary elections, but said that he was satisfied that the party was retaining nine seats, which enables the party to maintain its “regulatory role.”

ELAM President Christos Christou said that his party was the big winner in these elections, after increasing its percentage points across all districts. Replying to a question in relation to the position of the House Speaker, he said that “this is something we will look into in the coming days.”

EDEK President Marinos Sizopoulos said that the party achieved some of its goals, such as increasing the percentage share and seats. At the same time he referred to his party losing the fourth position in parliament and not being able to benefit from more seats in the third allocation. As for the House Speaker’s post, he said that this will be discussed in the forthcoming days.

Democratic Front President Marios Garoyan said that the election results are a major justification for the party which, he said, is here to stay.

Cyprus Green Party President Charalambos Theopemptou said the party could not secure a percentage similar to that projected in polls. Asked if there is a possibility to run for the post of House Speaker, he said that the party’s collective bodies will decide whether there is such a possibility.

On behalf of the Solidarity Movement, its Deputy President Michalis Giorgalas said the result was not the desired one but the Movement will not give up.