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CY loses €140m from Turkish embargo

25/01/2011 15:02
The Turkish embargo to the Cypriot-flagged ships and Cypriot aircrafts costs €140 - €150 million to the Republic.

During an ex-officio meeting of the House Communications Committee, the Minister informed the MPs on the actions that the relevant EU Councils have taken for the embargo as well as the implications from the interferences of the illegal airport of Tymbou in the occupied north to the security of flights.

During the meeting, it was decided that the executive and legislative powers as well as the political parties will take joint action so as to put pressures for the lifting of the embargo.

After the end of the meeting, Commerce Minister, Erato Kozakou Marcoulli said that she has already informed the members for her actions in the EU, while several ways of coordination and cooperation have been examined for the promotion of the issue.

Chairman of the House Committee and DIKO MP, Zacharias Koulias congratulated Mrs. Marcoulli for her efforts.

AKEL MP, Andreas Fakondis stressed that according to the figures, the Republic loses €140 - €150 million due to the Turkish embargo every year.