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House voted in favour of Constitution amendment paving the way for justice reform

08/07/2022 07:45

The Cyprus House of Representatives voted on Thursday in favour of the bill that amends the Constitution thus allowing the reform of the highest level of justice, following three years of debates and discussions.

The amendment of the constitution paves the way for the reoperation of the two supreme courts provided for in the Constitution of the Republic of Cyprus, namely the Supreme Constitutional Court and the Supreme Court and the granting of additional jurisdiction of the third degree to these two courts.

The powers of the two courts were merged into one based on the law of necessity, after the withdrawal of the Turkish Cypriots from the common state.

The amendment was passed with 51 votes in favour and 1 against by DIKO Parliamentarian Christiana Erotokritou. This amendment will enable the reform and modernisation of the structure and operation of the courts by reviving the two supreme courts.

The President of the Republic Nicos Anastasiades in a tweet post said that this is a historic development and paves the way for the new Supreme Constitutional Court, the new Supreme Court and the new Court of Appeal. The government also issued a statement welcoming today’s vote.

Minister of Justice Stephie Drakos also said that today’s development leads to the beginning of the modernization of justice in Cyprus sending clear messages to the citizens.

Attorney General George Savvides also hailed parliament’s vote in favour of the amendment and pointed out that today’s marks a historic day.