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Trilateral meeting between Cyprus, Jordan and Greece

07/03/2019 12:55

Cyprus Parliament President Demetris Syllouris said he and his Jordanian counterpart agreed on a Trilateral meeting on the level of Parliament Speakers between Cyprus, Greece and Jordan.

Syllouris and Taref al Tarawneh, who holds the chair of the Arab Parliamentary Union discussed the matter in a meeting they had earlier today in Nicosia.

“We have agreed on a trilateral meeting between Cyprus, Greece and Jordan and I undertook to notify the Hellenic Parliament President within the day,” Syllouris said in joint statements with Al Tarawneh.

The Cypriot Parliament President added that he and Tarawneh discussed “issues of bilateral cooperation in specific fields, the economy, education, culture, climate change,” adding that they also discussed the promotion of the Arab language in Cyprus, the Cyprus problem and the Palestinian issue and the problem created in Jordan from the influx of refugees.

On his part, Tarawneh, speaking in Greek, expressed joy for his visit to Cyprus “a country that a love and resect both the government, the parliament and the people.”

He added that they discussed a number of significant issues concerning the cooperation between Jordan and Cyprus, adding that in his capacity as president of the Arab Parliamentary Union he will have the opportunity to express and promote all those discussed between Cyprus and other Arab states.

Stating that Jordan is the gate to the Arab states and especially in Iraq, Syria and the Arab world, Tarawneh added he will utilise his capacity as President of the Arab Parliamentary Union “to find opportunities for Greek firms to move towards the Middle East.”