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Authorities announced 10 COVID-19 cases on Sunday

21/09/2020 09:04

Authorities in Cyprus announced on Sunday that they detected 10 new COVID-19 cases, after conducting 2,164 laboratory tests. The total number of cases discovered in Cyprus so far rose to 1,600.

An announcement by the Ministry of Health says that 3 positive cases were detected after testing 121 samples as part of the contact-tracing process, 3 cases were found after Microbiology Labs run 86 test, two cases were detected after testing 1,326 samples from passengers and 2 cases were confirmed after checking 211 samples as part of a program of referrals by GPs.

No COVID-19 positive cases were confirmed after testing 101 samples from private initiative and 319 samples as part of a program to check pupils, teachers and school staff.

The Ministry also said that six patients continue to be treated at Famagusta General Hospital, one of them at the Advanced Care Unit. One more person is hospitalized at the Nicosia General Hospital ICU but is not connected to a ventilator.