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Authorities announced 144 new Covid-19 cases on Thursday

22/10/2021 09:46

Cypriot health authorities announced 144 new Covid-19 infections on  Thursday   bringing the total number of cases since the outbreak of the pandemic to 122,996, while no deaths were recorded today with total fatalities remaining at 566.

A press release issued by the Ministry of Health says that a total of 55,422 tests were carried out with the daily positivity rate at 0.26%.

Furthermore, 58 patients are being treated in public hospitals, of whom 24 are in serious condition.

Total deaths remained at 566 of whom 360 or 63% men and 206 or 37% women with median age of 76.2 years.

According to the Ministry, 58 patients receive treatment in public hospitals, of whom 24 are being treated in serious condition in ACUs and ICUs. Of the 24 patients in serious condition, 9 are intubated in ICUs, 2 in ICU but not connected to a ventilator and 13 patients are in ACUs.

Data show that 58.18% of the patients have no vaccination history, while 3 post-covid patients who are no longer infectious are intubated in serious condition in ICUs.

According to the press release the 144 new COVID cases were traced following 55,422 tests, of which 4,837 were PCR tests and 51,035 rapid antigen tests.

A total of 26 new cases were detected after 333 samples taken in the context of contact tracing, 12 new cases emerged following 2,349 samples taken at the airports, 26 new cases were traced following 1,490 test done privately, 1 new infection emerged after 178 tests carried out in the General Hospitals Microbiological Labs, 57 cases were traced after 28,598 rapid tests carried out in private labs and pharmacies and 22 new cases were detected following 22,437 tests carried out in the context of the Ministry of Health rapid test programme.

Furthermore, 2 and 4 new cases were traced in the context of testing in primary schools and high schools respectively.