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Authorities announced 152 new COVID-19-cases on Tuesday

21/10/2020 09:18

Cyprus authorities announced on Tuesday 152 new COVID-19 cases out of 4,410 tests, bringing the total to 2,839.

In a press release, the Health Ministry said 23 people tested positive out of 305 samples tested in the context of the contact tracing process.
Ninety-nine people tested positive out of 2,360 samples tested on private initiative.

Over 70% of people who tested positive from tests done privately, presented with symptoms and many of them are contacts of confirmed cases who presented with symptoms while they were in self isolation.

Another 2 people tested positive out of 929 samples in the context of screening passengers and people repatriating to Cyprus.

Out of 212 samples from the General Hospitals Microbiology Labs, 10 people tested positive.

Eighteen people tested positive out of 341 samples tested in the context of GP referrals and the screening of special groups of people through the public health centres.

Additionally, no one tested positive out of 87 tests on school students, teachers and staff, 173 tests in football clubs and 3 tests on homes of the elderly or other structures.
“Therefore, on the basis of the data so far the total number of cases is 2,839,” the press release says.

Twenty COVID-19 patients are treated at Famagusta General Hospital, one of them in the Acute Care Unit (ACU).  Two patients are intubated and treated at Nicosia General ICU, while another two are at a COVID-19 ward.