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Authorities announced 65 new COVID cases on Thursday

18/06/2021 10:02

Cyprus Health Ministry announced on Thursday 65 new covid cases and 41 hospitalizations. The total number of deaths remains at 374 and the number of cases since the pandemic broke out stands at 73,444. Today`s cases were detected from a total of 34,157 tests (rapid and PCR) bringing positivity rate to 0.19%.

From the 374 deaths 251 are male (67%), and 123 female (33%) and the median age is 77 years.

From the 41 patients in hospitals, 15 are in serious condition or in an ACU. In particular, from the 15 the 8 are intubated, one is in an ICU and 6 in ACU.

From the 34,157 tests, 6,903 were done with PCR method and 27,254 were rapid tests.

The new cases were detected as follows: 8 from 137 tests done in the framework of contact tracing, 14 from 3,552 tests done at airports, 11 from 2,937 tests done on private initiative, 2 from 208 samples taken at microbiological labs, 2 from 339 rapid tests done at private labs and pharmacies, and 28 from 26,915 samples taken in the framework of mass rapid testing of the population. No cases were detected from 69 samples taken following GP referrals or testing done at public clinics.

The positivity rate from rapid tests is at 0.06% in Nicosia from 9,845 tests, at 0.20% in Limassol from 6,352 tests, at 0.07% in Larnaka from 2,951 tests, at 0.13% in Paphos from 3,010 tests and at 0.09% in Famagusta from 2,229 tests.