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Authorities announced 91 COVID-19 cases on Monday

27/10/2020 09:26

Cyprus Health Ministry announced 91 COVID-19 cases on Monday from a total of 2,285 tests.

Of those tests, 1,237 were done at airports and 12 cases were detected. Therefore the locally acquired cases are 79, out of 1,048 tests.

The Ministry points out that 1 out of 13 people tested, was positive and this is alarming as regards the transmission in the community.

Moreover the Ministry underlines that 1 out of 10 people who were tested in the framework of contact tracing, were positive.

The cases were detected as follows:

From 345 samples from contact tracing, 35 came back positive

From 469 tests done on private initiative, 25 were positive

From 190 tests done at the Microbiological Labs of General Hospitals, 9 cases were detected

From 44 samples taken on GP referrals and at public clinics, 10 came out positive

From 1,237 samples at airports, 12 were COVID-19 positive

The total number of cases in the Republic is 3,636.

Twenty-five patients are receiving treatment at the Famagusta Reference Hospital and 4 are in the Advanced Care Unit (ACU).

Two patients are in the ICU of the Nicosia General Hospital and 4 in a ward.