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Authorities announced one death and 6 new confirmed cases of coronavirus on Sunday

11/05/2020 09:34

Cyprus authorities announced on Sunday the death of a woman due to COVID-19 and confirmed six new cases of people who contracted coronavirus, after conducting 1,393 laboratory tests.

According to an announcement by the Ministry of Health, a 73 year old woman, hospitalized at the ICU of Nicosia General Hospital with underlying conditions, died on Saturday. Her final cause of death is COVID-19.

The death toll of people positive to SARS-CoV-2 virus rose to 22. Patients who died due to COVID-19 are 16 in total, of which 11 men and five women with an average age of 71.

On the basis of the data so far, the number of confirmed cases in Cyprus has reached 898, including ten in the British Bases on the island.

Two of the six new confirmed cases came up from 232 tests on a private initiative.

The remaining four cases were detected from 93 tests from special groups through public health clinics.

No confirmed cases were found from 228 tests tracing contacts of people who have been found positive, from 229 tests at the General Hospitals Microbiology Labs, from 237 tests on persons who returned to Cyprus, or from 374 tests on employees working in retail and at construction sites.
According to the announcement, at 15:00 today, 11 patients were recuperating at the Famagusta General Hospital, operating as the COVID-19 reference hospital, two of them in the Increased Care Unit. Their general condition is good.
Four patients remain intubated, one at the Limassol General Hospital ICU and three more at the Nicosia General Hospital ICU. Their condition is critical but stable. Five confirmed cases are being treated in other hospitals.