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Authorities announced one death from COVID-19, 275 cases on Wednesday

11/11/2021 09:48

Cyprus on Wednesday reported the death of a patient from COVID-19, 275 new cases and 72 hospitalizations.

The total deaths rose to 577 and the number of cases increased to 126,772. The positivity rate stands at 0,54%.

Of the 72 patients who are receiving treatment in hospitals, 24 are in serious condition. Data show that 65.28% of the patients, are unvaccinated.

One post-COVID patient who is no longer infectious is intubated in an ICU.

The cases were detected from a total of 51,166 tests.

The deceased is a male 85 years old who passed away in Paphos General Hospital. Of the 577 deaths, 369 are male  (64%), and 208 are female (36%) and the median age is 76 years.

Of the 24 patients in serious condition, 7 are intubated, 2 are in an ICU and 15 in an ACU.

Of the 51,166 tests, 4,342 were PCR and 46,824 rapid tests. The new cases were detected as follows: 43 from 692 samples taken in the framework of contact tracing, 4 from 1,639 tests done at airports, 45 from 1,583 tests done on private initiative, 2 from 219 tests done at Microbiological labs of General Hospitals island - wide, 103 from 22,666 rapid tests done at private labs and pharmacies and 78 from 24,158 rapid tests done in the context of the Ministry of Health free programme.

No cases were detected from 209 samples taken on GP referrals or testing at public clinics.

From the rapid tests carried out in the context of the Ministry`s programme, 4 cases were detected in primary schools, 11 in high schools and 1 in closed structures.