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Authorities announced six COVID-19 cases on Tuesday

16/09/2020 09:38

Cyprus authorities announced on Tuesday six new COVID-19 cases, after completing 3,157 laboratory tests. The total number of cases detected so far rose to 1,540.

One of the six cases was detected from private initiative, after showing symptoms on September 12.

Another case was detected at a Public Health Clinic after a referral by GP as this person started to show symptoms on September 13.

The rest of the cases were detected after contact tracing. One is a family member of the case announced on September 13, which traveled to Cyprus from Russia on September 11. The remaining three cases are family members of the case announced on Monday and is related to the cluster of a case detected by the Microbiology Labs of General Hospitals on September 9. This cluster numbers 12 cases in total.

According to a Ministry of Health announcement, four new COVID-19 cases were detected after testing 92 samples in the framework of contact tracing, one case was found after testing 740 samples on a private initiative, and one case was detected in the framework of a program of referrals by GPs and control of special groups through the Public Health Clinics.

No cases were detected after testing 164 samples at Microbiology Labs, 1,441 samples from passengers, 144 samples in the framework of a program testing 5,000 people aged 18-40 in crowded places. Moreover, no positive cases were found after checking 15 students and 21 people passing through crossing points. All 289 samples taken from pupils, teachers and school staff also turned out negative.

Five people infected with SARS-CoV-2 are treated at Famagusta General Hospital, one of them at the Intensive Care Unit. One person was discharged. One more person is hospitalized at the Nicosia General Hospital ICU.