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Authorities confirmed 262 COVID-19 cases through PCR tests

24/11/2020 09:13

Cyprus authorities announced on Monday 234 new COVID-19 cases detected after carrying out 5,167 PCR tests, and 70 positive results out of 5,665 rapid tests. Moreover, authorities confirmed 28 positive tests detected through rapid tests in the previous days, through the PCR method. The total number of PCR-confirmed cases announced on Monday amounts to 262.

The positive cases from the PCR tests were detected as follows: 126 cases from 484 samples taken in the framework of contact tracing, eight cases from 1,351 samples tested at the positive initiative, 26 cases from 268 samples tested at Microbiology Labs, 5 cases from 252 samples tested after referrals from GPs, one case after 344 samples from passengers, 8 cases from 1,085 samples taken in Limassol District in the framework of tests on employees exempt from a travel ban to and from Limassol and Paphos Districts, 2 cases from 327 samples from employees in Paphos Districts, one case from 175 samples from employees in Larnaca District,  5 cases from 430 samples taken from pupils, students and school staff, and 52 cases from 52 samples taken from nursing homes. From the 52 cases, 37 were detected in an institution in Liopetri and 15 cases were found in a nursing home in Peristerona. There is no information whether the cases were found among staff or residents.

No cases were detected after testing 219 samples from employees in Nicosia District, 52 samples from employees taken in Famagusta District, 25 samples from immigrant reception centers and 103 samples from Kato Pyrgos and Tillyria residents.

As for the antigen rapid test, 17 cases were detected from tests in Limassol District, 13 cases in Larnaca District, 11 cases in Famagusta District, 25 in Nicosia District and 4 among National Guard personnel.

The total number of cases with COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic rose to 8,947.

Moreover, a total of 110 COVID-19 patients are hospitalized in State Health Services Organization hospitals. There are 70 patients in Famagusta General Hospital, of which 4 in the Advanced Care Unit, 24 patients in Nicosia General Hospital, of which 12 in the ICU (2 are not connected to a ventilator), 12 patients are treated at the COVID-19 ward of Limassol General Hospital and 4 patients are hospitalized at Makario Children's Hospital, 2 of them in the ICU.