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Cabinet to decide on whether to lift mask restriction

26/05/2022 13:48

Health Minister Michalis Hadjipantela is expected to table before the Council of Ministers on Friday a proposal on lifting the face mask requirement indoors, exempting high risk premises such as closed structures, homes for the elderly and other centres hosting vulnerable people, a Ministry source has told CNA.

The same source said that if the Cabinet decides to go ahead with lifting the measure, it is expected to enter into force from Wednesday, June 1.

The measure has been part of the daily life of Cypriots for two years. 

Hadjipantela is expected to ask the Cabinet to lift the measure after having received the recommendations of the experts who are members of the Scientific Advisory Committee, the majority of whom are in favour of lifting the requirement. 

Some members of the Committee continue to have reservations, arguing that the situation is still fluid and no one knows what the next pandemic development will be.