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Cabinet extends COVID measures up to November 9

27/10/2021 14:42

Cabinet decided on Wednesday to extend the period for COVID measures currently in place up to November 9 and to start the administration of a booster dose for those citizens who were vaccinated with J&J shots. The booster dose will be given to specific groups of people as a start.

Health Minister Michalis Hadjipantela submitted a proposal before the Cabinet with the aim to safeguard that the epidemiological picture of the country will not deteriortate given that we are entering the winter and there is a flare up of seasonal infections all over Europe and some countries have returned to strict measures.

The measures in Cyprus to be extended to November 9 will be assessed again in the next days, a Health Ministry press release says.

The Cabinet also reviewed the data from the Ministry for July-October according to which 8.6% of the cases and 4.2% of the hospitalised citizens were administered the Janssen shot. Based on the data the Cabinet approved the administration of a booster dose to citizens aged 60 and over, those who are included in the vulnerable groups as set by the Ministry, health professionals, residents and staff of nursing homes. These groups can get the booster dose only if 6 months have passed since the first dose.

They can get a booster dose of either Johnson&Johnson, Pfizer/BioNTech or Moderna. More details on the inoculations will be announced in the next days.