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COVID-19 cases more than doubled last week

07/12/2021 10:11

The Ministry of Health has announced that the cases of COVID-19 recorded in the week of November 27 – December 3 were more than double, compared to the week of November 6 - 12, with the increase reaching 111%, according to the results of the Epidemiological Surveillance Unit regarding the age distribution of cases for the last 4 weeks.

The data indicates an increasing trend in almost all age groups, with the exception of the 75- 79 age group,  during the last four weeks, which began from 6-12 November to 27 November-3 December.

The Ministry of Health said the increase in the 6-11 age group was expected after the change in the weekly screening of this group.

Compared to last week, COVID-19 cases were up by 29.8% from 2,547 to 3,306 between 27 November-3 December.

Most cases during the week of November 27 – December 3 occurred in the age group 6 - 11 reaching 456 cases, followed by the ages 12-17 with 354 cases, ages 30- 34 and 35- 39 to 332 cases and ages 25-29 to 281 cases.

Nicosia ranked first with the most cases between 27 November-3 December with 1,391, of which most related to the age group 6-11 (210 cases).

Limassol ranks second with 701 cases with aged 6-11 reaching 109 cases.

Larnaca is third with 607 cases with 82 cases in the 6- 11 age group, while in fourth place is Paphos with 389 cases, of which most related to the age group 12 17 with 69 cases.

Meanwhile, the Ministry announced that nearly ten thousand vaccinations took place on Monday.

It said a total of 9.926 vaccinations were held with 1.045 in Paphos, Famagusta 603, Larnaca 1.720  and in Nicosia a total of 3.812 and 2.746 in Limassol.