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Cyprus announced 2 deaths and 126 new COVID cases

26/01/2021 10:12

Cyprus Health Ministry on Monday announced 2 deaths from COVID-19 and 126 new cases from a total of 12,805 tests. Moreover, it announced that 164 people are in hospitals island-wide and 52 of them are in serious condition. The total amount of deaths since the pandemic broke is 188 and the total of cases rose to 30,143.

The positivity rate for the 126  new cases is 0,98%, and for the first time it has dropped under 1%.

The deceased are a male 69 years old, without any underlying conditions, as the death certificate states, and was getting treatment in the ICU of the Nicosia General Hospital and another male, 60 years of age, also without any morbidities, who was hospitalized in the  Nicosia General Hospital.

From the total number of deaths (188) 127 are male (68%) and 61 female (32%) with a median age of 80 years.

From the 52 patients who are in serious condition, 30 are intubated, 6 are in an ICU and 16 in ACU.

From the 12,805 tests, 1,406 were done with PCR method and 11,399 are rapid tests.

The 126 cases were detected as follows:

25 from 136 samples in the contact tracing process, 9 from 298 tests done on private initiative, 11 from 298 samples taken at the Microbiological Labs of General Hospitals, 2 from 179 tests done after GP referrals or in testing at public clinics and 79 from 11,399  rapid tests.

No cases were detected in 492 tests done at airports and from 3 tests done on the 7th day of quarantine of passengers who arrived from the UK.