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Cyprus announced 318 new Covid-19 cases

02/12/2020 09:48

Cypriot health authorities announced 318 new coronavirus positive cases on Monday, of which 132 were confirmed PCR tests of previously diagnosed rapid antigen tests.

Furthermore, 153 positive cases were diagnosed with rapid antigen tests. Following today’s cases, the total coronavirus cases since the outbreak of the disease in Cyprus amounts to 10,883.

According to a press release issued by the Ministry of Health, a total of 10,962 tests were carried out today of which 3,233 RT PCR οf which 591 were conducted in the context of contact tracing with 78 samples.

Another 1,524 tests were taken on a private initiative with 67 positive cases, whereas 11 cases were diagnosed as part of 366 samples taken at the airports. Moreover 282 tests were taken at the Microbiological Labs of General Hospitals out of which 22 came back positive. An additional 249 tests were carried out in the context of testing conducted on GP referrals and public clinics with 3 new positive cases.

Five cases were diagnosed following 9 samples taken from employees in the Limassol district.

No positive cases were diagnosed after 37 samples in the context of tests in schools, 15 tests in Nicosia, 8 tests in the districts of Limassol and Pafos and 2 tests in Larnaca in the context of workers’ transits.

Furthermore, no positive cases were found after 54 tests were carried out in the village of Kato Pyrgos and 96 samples taken in homes for the elderly.

The Ministry said that a total of 153 positive cases were diagnosed following 7,729 rapid antigen tests. 73 positive cases were diagnosed in Nicosia, 38 in Larnaca, 11 in Limassol, while no positive cases were found in Pafos. A total of 24 positive cases were diagnosed in test in hospitals, three in the Police Force and 4 in the National Guard.

Moreover, a total of 131 patients are being treated at the island’s General Hospitals, of which 70 in the Famagusta Reference Hospital with 5 in the Advanced Care Unit, 25 in Nicosia of which 11 in the ICU and the rest in Cοvid wards. The remaining 36 patients are receiving treatment in Covid wards in the Limasson General Hospitals, Makarion Hospital and in Athalasa.