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Cyprus authorities announce another 14 COVID-19 cases on Wednesday

13/08/2020 08:25

Cyprus’ Ministry of Health announced 14 new COVID-19 cases on Wednesday, out of a total of 3,775 tests, bringing the total number of cases recorded since the outbreak of the pandemic in Cyprus to 1,291.

According to the Ministry of Health, 8 cases out of 14 were detected from contact-tracing. Of them, 4 did the test on a private initiative. Another 2 people, who did the test privately, belong to the cluster of a beach party, which was attended by around 30 people. Those 2 people show symptoms, while more cases from the beach party have been detected in the previous days. One more person is a contact of a confirmed cases and is symptoms-free. The fourth person conducted the test privately and another 4 people were traced as contacts from the family environment of a confirmed case.

Another 2 cases out of 14 were detected after testing on a private initiative. Of them, one was tested privately without showing any symptoms and works at the PIP plastics factory. The company decided to conduct tests for all employees after 2 cases were detected. This is the third case of employee of the company. A second person did the test privately and was symptoms-free.

Finally, four cases out of 14 were detected among passengers. Two of them are a Cypriot couple who reside permanently in the UK and arrived in Cyprus to visit relatives and for vacations. They arrived yesterday from Manchester and did the test at the airport. They showed no symptoms. The third person is a Greek national who returned yesterday from Thessaloniki and had no symptoms. The fourth person is an Austrian citizen who arrived yesterday from Chania.

An announcement by the Health Ministry says that according to the Epidemiological Monitoring Unit eight positive cases were detected after testing 198 samples in the framework of contact-tracing, 2 cases were detected from 731 samples tested on a private initiative and 4 cases were found among 1,927 samples taken from passengers arriving to Cyprus and repatriates.

No positive cases were found after conducting 66 laboratory tests on samples taken from people referred by personal doctors and public health centres in the context of screening special groups, 168 tests in the context of a programme testing 10,000 employees of businesses which resumed operations in the second and third phase of the gradual lifting of restrictions, 190 tests from the Microbiology Labs of General Hospitals, 31 tests from immigrants hosted in shelters and from 464 tests conducted randomly in the framework of a program to test 10,000 people.

Three people were discharged from Famagusta General Hospital and one was admitted. In total, three patients are being treated at the reference hospital, one of them at the ICU.