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Cyprus breaks barrier of 200,000 COVID inoculations

15/04/2021 16:13

Cyprus on Thursday will break the barrier of 200,000 inoculations, the Ministry of Health said.

In an announcement the Ministry points out that by Wednesday, April 14, a total of 198,060 vaccinations were carried out, 141,000 with 1st dose and 57,060 with both doses.

The Ministry once again points out that vaccination is the way to return to normality the soonest.

On Friday citizens of 53 and 54 years of age will have the chance to book their appointment. A total of 15,000 appointments will be available for those citizens and the portal will open at 7.30am, local time and will close Saturday at 20.00 local time.
Inoculations will be carried out in all centers across the island with AstraZeneca and Pfizer shots.
The Ministry estimates that by beginning of May citizens 45 years and above will get their 1st dose of jab and within six months 60% of citizens will be covered with 1st dose.

The figures from the inoculation of 83% of citizens 80 and over and 79% of people 70-79 years indicate that the vaccination decreases the risk of serious illness and hospilatizations.