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Cyprus ranks 8th among the EU27 in the vaccinations for COVID-19

12/01/2021 14:13

Cyprus ranks 8th among the 27 Member States of the European Union in terms of vaccinations for COVID-19 in terms of population, according to the Organization “Our World in Data”.

According to an announcement, issued by the Ministry of Health, the data published by the Organization indicate that Cyprus, based on the National Vaccination Plan that follows, is in the first places of the EU since 0.69 doses of the vaccines are granted per 100 inhabitants.

It is also noted that the strategy adopted by the Ministry, focuses on the practice of the immediate disposal of the vaccine doses, which are received every week, on the basis of the ranking of the population groups that formed according to the recommendations of the European Center for Disease Prevention Control (ECDC).

Regarding to the implementation of the Vaccination Plan of Cyprus, the Ministry notes that the vaccination of people over 80 continues with a great and encouraging response, while noting that citizens interested in being vaccinated should arrange an appointment through the Vaccination Portal, that is available weekly.