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Cyprus reported one death from Covid-19, 187 positive pcr tests

23/11/2020 09:00

An 87 year-old man died in Cyprus from Covid-19 authorities announced on Sunday, while 187 pcr tests and 121 rapid tests were positive out of a total of 9,527 tests, 3,223 pcr and 6,304 rapid respectively.

The Ministry of Health has said that due to an extended timeframe in testing on Sunday evening possible more positive cases will be announced at a later time.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic the total number of cases in Cyprus reaches 8,685.

The man who passed away did not suffer from other underlying conditions and was receiving treatment at the Nicosia General Hospital ICU. The cause of death is attributed to Covid-19.  The total number of deaths in Cyprus because of Covid-19 is 44, 28 men or 64% and 16 women or 36% with an average age of 75 years.

According to the Ministry`s press release 64 people are being treated at Famagusta General Hospital which operates as a reference hospital for the disease, six of whom in the Increased Care Unit.

Nine patients are receiving treatment at Nicosia General Hospital, three of whom without the use of a ventilator. Two babies are treated at Makario Children`s Hospital. Another 12 individuals are being treated at a Covid-19 ward in Nicosia General Hospital while 12 patients are receiving care at Limassol General Hospital`s Covid-19 ward.

In particular the 187 positive results from pcr tests were detected as follows:

Out of 84 samples from positive rapid tests in previous days, there were results for 56 which were confirmed as positive; out of 554 samples taken in the context of the contact tracing procedure 52 were positive; out of 1,100 samples taken on private initiative 52 were positive; out of 397 samples from the General Hospitals` Microbiology Labs 14 people tested positive; out of 246 samples from GP referrals and the screening of special groups of people through the public health centres 6 people tested positive.

Tests on professionals who are exempt from a prohibition of travel to and from Limassol and Pafos districts had the following results:
Out of 244 samples in Limassol 6 individuals tested positive and out of 280 samples in Pafos one person tested positive.

Additionally, no one tested positive out of 123 samples from migrant reception centres, or 198 samples tested on students and school staff.

Out of the total of 9,527 tests carried out today 6,304 samples were tested with the method of antigen rapid testing, out of which a total of 121 positive results were detected, the Ministry says.