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Cyprus reports 619 new COVID-19 cases on Tuesday

08/12/2021 09:08

Cyprus Health Ministry reported on Tuesday 619 new COVID-19 cases and 118 hospitalizations. The positivity rate rose to 0.77%, up from 0.7% on Monday.

No new deaths were reported on Tuesday, therefore the total number of deaths since the beginning of the pandemic remains 602, while total cases rose to 138,157.

The Ministry announced that 45 patients of the 118 are in serious condition and 77.97% of the patients are unvaccinated. Moreover, 4 post-COVID patients no longer infectious are intubated in serious condition in an ICU.

The new cases were detected from a total of 80,112 tests (rapid and PCR).

According to the data released by the Ministry, of the 45 patients, 18 are intubated, 5 are in an ICU without the support of a ventilator and 22 are in an ACU.

Of the tests carried out today, 8,496 were PCR tests and 71,616 were rapid tests. The new cases were detected as follows: 81 from 1,004 tests done in the framework of contact tracing, 17 of 4,093 samples taken at airports, 94 from 2,830 tests done on private initiative, 18 from 345 tests done at Microbiological labs of General Hospitals, 274 from 40,440 rapid tests done at private labs, pharmacies and 131 from 31,176 rapid tests done in the framework of free testing by the Ministry of Health and 4 from 223 samples taken after GP referrals.

No case was detected from one sample taken from closed structures.

From the rapid tests done by the Health Ministry, 15 cases were detected at primary schools and 40 at high schools.