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Data show 77% of patients in hospitals are unvaccinated

24/01/2022 09:40

Health Ministry said on Friday that 77% of the patients in hospitals are not vaccinated.

A press release says that based on data, 3% of the patients are fully vaccinated (2 doses or 1 of JJ) while 10% are also fully vaccinated but 5 months and 2 weeks have elapsed since they were administered the 2nd dose or the 1st dose for JJ vaccine.

It is added that 1% of the patients are not fully vaccinated and 1% were administered the booster shot and were infected in less than 14 days after they were administered the 3rd dose.

The Ministry also says that 8% of the patients over 62 years old got their booster shot and were infected 14 days after the administration of the booster/3rd dose.