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Delta variant continues to fully prevail in Cyprus

12/11/2021 09:03

SARS-CoV-2 virus Delta variant continues to fully prevail in Cyprus according to the results of tests held by a specialized lab of the ECDC and a private lab in Cyprus, both with a contract with the Health Ministry.

According to the Health Ministry, the sequencing of the virus strains was successful in 215 samples. The sampling was carried out from September 24 to October 30, 2021.

The samples were taken from individuals who tested positive to the virus in all districts.

The Delta variant was detected in all 215 samples, while preliminary data shows the Delta plus variant in two of them. 

The Health Ministry said that a thorough genetical analysis will take place by the Biotechnology and Molecular Virology Lab of the University of Cyprus.

A total of 193 samples were tested so far for the period of October and were identified as Delta variant. Two of them were identified as Delta plus.
The Health Ministry said that it remains vigilant and follows closely the tracing of the new virus strains, with a view to take decisions on time in order to update the measures where this is necessary and prevent the uncontrolled transmission of the virus and the deterioration of the epidemiological and hospital indicators.