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Dr. Tsioutis: Too early to assess epidemiological situation

21/01/2021 09:20

Head of the Scientific Advisory Committee on the coronavirus, Dr Constantinos Tsioutis, told CNA that it is too early to safely assess the evolution of the course of the epidemiological situation.

Tsioutis, who is also Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine & Infection Prevention and Control at the Department of Medicine of the European  University Cyprus, said that in the last ten days there is a gradual decrease in cases,  but on the other hand, the situation in the hospitals remains at critical levels.

Cyprus entered a three week lockdown on the 10th of January and the Cabinet will convene to assess the situation and listen to the recommendations of the Scientific Advisory Committee.

Tsioutis said that there is a gradual decrease in the rate of positivity in the community which means that the measures taken in December were effective in limiting the spread.

But he pointed out that on the other hand,  the situation in the hospitals remains at critical levels, and explained that the number of patients especially in the Intensive  Care Units remains high and admissions daily are at high levels too.

He expressed hope that Cyprus will receive more vaccines in February so that vaccinations can improve the epidemiological picture.

Asked about the fact that younger people are admitted to hospitals, he said that this is due to the high numbers of cases we had in the last weeks and the way that infections take place, ie at workplace and in families.

He urged the public once more to self isolate in case of symptoms and contact their GP immediately before symptoms worsen.