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Eleven new Covid-19 cases announced on Sunday

03/08/2020 10:33

Eleven new Covid-19 cases were detected in Cyprus and announced by the Ministry of Health on Sunday afternoon. Another 15 cases were announced earlier in the day bringing the total number of cases announced today to 26.

The total number of cases detected since the outbreak of the pandemic in Cyprus stands at 1,150.

According to data by the Epidemiological Monitoring Unit, the elven cases were detected among 1,977 lab tests.

Six of the cases concern passengers of flight from Greece and Switzerland. Specifically, one person who arrived from Athens yesterday, while three of the cases concern passengers from Thessaloniki who arrived on Friday. It is noted that the three persons are not related. It is also noted that one case concerns a passenger who arrived from Germany via Salonica.

One more case was detected in Paphos airport also on Saturday who arrived from the Greek island Mykonos. Another case concerns a person who arrived at Larnaca airport from Zurich on Sunday.

Another two cases announced today are people who tested on a private initiative. One case that tested positive with Covid-19 was traced as a contact of another confirmed case.

Furthermore, a pregnant woman was tested positive prior to her admission for labour.

Finally, one person showed symptoms and was referred for testing by his personal doctor.

The positive cases were detected from a total of 2,924 lab tests as follows: One case was found in 58 samples from contact tracing of existing cases; two cases were found in 158 samples taken on private initiative; six cases were found in 1,461 samples taken in the framework of testing passengers and repatriates; another two cases were found in 197 samples taken on private referral and testing carried out by Public Health Centers’ Microbiology Labs.

Additionally, tests were also carried out with no cases detected as follows:  103 tests carried out by the General Hospitals` Microbiology Labs.

The Ministry of Health has also announced that of the 15 cases detected Saturday night that were announced in the morning, ten concern people who tested in the framework of the 3,000 random tests conducted in Limassol. Six of them are considered random cases, while three are contacts of already confirmed positive cases, namely of the cluster concerning an individual who came to Cyprus from the US. The tenth case is still under investigation.

Another five of the case announced earlier in the day are people who tested on private initiative and four of them are close contacts of the Limassol cluster that concerns the person who came from the US. One case is a Portuguese footballer of Doxa FC who arrived in Cyprus on Thursday.