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Five new confirmed COVID-19 cases in Cyprus

07/05/2020 09:18

Cyprus recorded five new COVID-19 cases on Wednesday, out of a total of 2,062 tests.

Announcing today’s results, Dr Marios Loizou, Scientific Director of Nicosia Directorate of the State Health Services, said that he was particularly pleased with the course of the pandemic in the country, with the small number of new cases and the continuous reduction in the number of patients in the ICU.

Two positive cases were found out of 97 tests from the tracing program of already confirmed cases and three cases were found out of 1,009 tests done on a private initiative.

No positive cases were confirmed out of 241 tests run at the microbiological labs of the General Hospitals island wide, 651 tests run on people who returned from abroad and from 64 tests run on 2,000 employees at the retail chain in food and beverages industry and nursing homes.

The total number of positive cases in Cyprus until Wednesday was 883 (including the ten identified at the British Sovereign Bases).

As regards the figures until 1500 local time, Dr Loizou said that 13 people were hospitalized at the Famagusta Reference Hospital, one of whom in the Advanced Care Unit  and their condition was stable. One patient has been discharged. Another patient was in Nicosia General ICU but was breathing without the help of a ventilator. The patients’ clinical state was described as “critical but stable.”

Another five people who have tested positive with COVID-19 were hospitalized in other hospitals.

"By monitoring the course of the pandemic in our country, we are particularly pleased with the small number of new cases and the continuous reduction in the number of patients in the ICU”, he said. He added that the warm weather expected in Cyprus and the developments in the field of medicines and the vaccine, were giving them space to be more optimistic.

“The opening up of society and the resumption of economic activity make us happy, but we should not forget that our first priority was, is and will remain the protection of human life”, he noted.

He added that the ability of the country to move on to the next step would be based on strict adherence to what has been decided and the adoption to the protective measures.