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Health Insurance Organisation says 2022 was a positive year

18/01/2023 12:17

Health Insurance Organisation describes 2022 as a positive year during which upgrading of the services of the national health system (GeSY) for the benefit of patients was the main challenge following a difficult year with the pandemic crisis.

In a press release issued on Wednesday HIO says that during 2022 a series of changes and reforms took place, controls were introduced and the patients’ services were enhanced.

Figures show that in 2022 a total of 801,930 people visited their GPs, 608,120 beneficiaries visited a specialised doctor and 667,659 people were administered medicines via GeSY which, at the moment, covers 2,100 drugs including more than 500 which are innovative.

Moreover, 500,075 beneficiaries visited labs for tests, 278,911 visited a dentist, 155,966 visited other health professionals, 122,551 visited First Aid centers and 105,874 got in-patient services.

HIO said that strict measures were taken in an effort to safeguard patients from exploitation incidents and reforms were introduced for the payment of GPs on the basis of quality criteria. Other reforms include changes in referrals and on-call services from GPs during weekends and public holidays.