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Health Minister discussed pandemic situation with advisory committee

27/07/2021 12:02

The Scientific Advisory Committee, which convened on Monday under Health Minister Michalis Hadjipantelas, examined the course of vaccinations, the COVID-19 cases at nursing homes and the return of students to schools.

CNA sources have said the meeting also examined the island’s epidemiological situation, hospitalisations but no decisions were taken. The Minister said he will convey what he heard to the cabinet which will convene on Friday for final decisions.  The sources said no additional measures or plans for a lockdown were discussed.

Regarding nursing homes, the meeting acknowledged there is a problem which shows that positive cases indicates that the immunity levels are falling and perhaps a third dose is necessary for nursing inhabitants.

Participants at the meeting said it would be best for all students to be vaccinated before the new school year begins while the issue of vaccinating children from 12 onwards, will be examined at the cabinet.