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Health Minister: Impossible to have a medium term strategy on pandemic

02/03/2021 13:45

It is not possible to have a medium term planning on COVID-19 as the situation constantly changes, Health Minister Constantinos Ioannou said on Tuesday, pointing out that the government makes decisions with the aim to protect public health.

Speaking to the press after a meeting he had with the State Health Services Organization (OKYPY) during which he was briefed on the planning in case there is a third wave of the pandemic, the Minister said that there is a great concern because of the rise in cases during the last few days and this is what he will discuss with the scientific committee at 1500 today.

Ηe said that he will hear what the committee has to say and propose, they will assess the measures and possible steps to be taken. The Minister said that since the pandemic broke out, the government gets advise from the committee and changes its planning accordingly. Ioannou noted that the strategy for the relaxation of measures is based on the suggestions by the advisory committee which currently has raised its concerns because of the increase in cases.

Asked if the planning for further lifting in restrictions will be modified, he noted that when you are in a pandemic situation you cannot make a medium term planning as everything changes. He said that all measures are taken with the aim to protect public health.