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Health Minister: Vaccination rates allow us to look into future with optimism

14/09/2021 12:58

Cyprus' Health Minister Michalis Hadjipantela on Tuesday praised the responsible stance shown by the majority of the Cypriots leading to 80% of the population having being vaccinated with 1st dose and 76% being fully vaccinated, according to figures released earlier.

In a written statement the Minister said that the responsible behaviour of fellow citizens has "helped us win yet another battle in the war against the pandemic and allows us to look into the future with optimism."

Hadjipantela said that the efforts place Cyprus among the EU member states which have reached and exceeded the vaccination goals set at European level. He noted that the high percentage of vaccination coverage gives us satisfaction and allow us to look into Winter with optimism and higher safety.

The Minister said that our efforts intensify and as the coverage becomes broader will approach our goal to safeguard that both the economy and the society will remain open and we will not experience strict restrictive measures again. He said that vaccines is the means of the scientific community that allow us to limit the negative effects of the pandemic in psychological, economic and social levels.

Fully vaccinated adults in Cyprus reach 76%

Fully vaccinated adults in Cyprus have reached 76% whereas 80% of the adults got their 1st dose of the Covid vaccine according to figures up until September 13, released Tuesday by the Health Ministry.

Ministry expects that in the next couple of weeks 80% of the population will have concluded its vaccination scheme. The Ministry said that  the campaign continues in various levels to meet the concerns of the public about vaccines, using scientific data.

Figures up until yesterday show that 24.1% of ages 12-15 got their 1st dose of the jab. The percentage in ages 16-17 is 39.6%, in ages 18-19 is 50.8%, in ages 20-29 reaches 62.3%, in ages 30-39 is 72.6% , in the age group 40-49 is 89.1%, in the group 50-59 is 83.9%, in ages 60-69 has reached 89.6%, in ages 70-79 is 97.6% and in ages 80 and over has climbed to 98.5%.

In ages 16-17 figures show that 32.5% received both doses and in ages 12-15 this percentage is 13.4%.

Pafos district continues to rank first in vaccination coverage as 90.9% of its population was administered the 1st dose. Famagusta district and Nicosia district follow with 89.5% and 79.2% respectively, while in Limassol 78.5% of the population has received the 1st dose and in Larnaka this percentage is 74.4%.

As regards people in nursing homes, the figures show that up until yesterday, 1,421 persons received the 3rd dose. Moreover 550 people who underwent transplant surgery have been contacted via phone and an appointment was scheduled, most of them for tomorrow.

People with HIV/AIDS were also contacted with the assistance of Grigorios Clinic and the appointments are scheduled. Appointments are also planned for cancer patients.