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Health Ministry announced 11 deaths and 4,011 new COVID-19 cases

02/12/2022 13:01

Cyprus' Health Ministry announced 11 deaths due to COVID-19 between 25 November until 1 December while new cases reached 4,011. The total number of patients in hospital are 93 and the positivity rate now stands at 5.52%.

The deaths concern two women, aged 79 and 76, who died in September, two men aged 89 and 86 who died on November 24, a 46-year-old man who died on November 27, a woman, 97, who died on November 28, three women aged 94, 79 and 63 who died on November 29, a man, 72, who died on November 30, and an 81-year-old man who died on December 1. The total number of deaths with the final cause of the coronavirus disease is 1,237.

A total of 93 patients are treated in hospital with COVID-19, of which 10 are in serious condition (2 are intubated and 8 in the Increased care unit).

A total of 72.668 tests were carried out. From 1,963 molecular tests (PCR) there were 183 positive cases with the positivity rate standing at 9.32%.

In addition, 70,705 rapid antigen tests were performed, from which another 3,828 positive cases were detected, with a positivity rate of 5.42%.

On private initiative a total of 1,548 molecular tests were carried out and 111 positive cases identified (positivity rate 7.17%) while 43,707 rapid antigen tests were performed, from which 3,489 positive cases were identified (positivity rate 7.98%).

Through the Ministry of Health programme, 26,998 rapid antigen tests were performed and 339 positive cases were detected, while at the sampling points from 14,012 rapid tests, 172 positive cases were identified (positivity rate 1.23%).

In primary schools 1,217 tests were conducted and five were positive (PR 0.41%) while in high schools 14 cases were reported from a total of 2,271 tests (PR 0.51%).

In special schools 344 tests were done with 2 positive cases (PR 0.58%), in nursing homes 134 cases were reported from 5,567 tests (PR 2.41%) and in closed units from 3,137 tests, 12 cases were recorded (PR 0.38%).