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Health Ministry announced ten COVID-19 cases on Thursday

18/09/2020 09:06

Cyprus Health Ministry announced on Thursday ten new COVID-19 cases from a total of 1,951 tests. Most of the cases were detected from the contact tracing process. The total cases in the Cyprus Republic reached 1,558.

Six patients are being treated at the Famagusta Reference Hospital, two of them in the Advanced Care Unit. One patient is hospitalized in the ICU of the Nicosia General Hospital.

According to a press release by the Ministry of Health, one case was detected from test done privately and the person does not display any symptoms. One case was detected at the Pournara Center for Migrants. This is a Syrian citizen who came to the Republic from the occupied areas and was arrested along with nine more people three days ago. He was transferred to Eden Rehabilitation Center. Yesterday one more person was tested positive.

Additionally another person was tested positive at the airport. He is a British citizen who arrived at Paphos airport yesterday.

Seven more people were tested positive, all from the contact tracing process. One of them is a family contact of people tested positive on August 25. They are all migrants and were tested because two of them had to be released from the quarantine. Another one is also a contact of a confirmed case announced on September 14. This is a cluster of 3 people.

The third person is a co-worker of a person at a restaurant at Phinikoudes, Larnaka, tested positive on September 15. Two more people, according to the Ministry, are contacts of a British lady who was tested positive September 14. This is a cluster of 4 people.

Moreover two people were tested positive and are coworkers of a person employed at the Kition Bishopic who was announced September 14. This is a cluster of a total of 16 people but not all of them are direct contacts of the very first case announced September 9.

Analytically the cases were detected as follows:

Out of 81 samples from contact tracing, seven cases detected; from 27 samples from migrants` testing process, one case detected; 507 samples done on private initiative, one case detected; from 645 samples at airports, one case detected.

Zero cases were detected from 28 tests done in the framework of the testing of people aged 18-40 in crowded places in the framework of 5,000 tests, from 76 tests at the Microbiological labs of General Hospitals, from 138 tests from GP referrals, 48 tests for Kato Pyrgos residents, from 56 tests at crossing points, from 345 tests done at schools.