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Health Ministry announces 5 new coronavirus cases on Monday

04/08/2020 09:43

Five new SARS-CoV-2 cases were announced on Monday out of a total of 2,581 laboratory tests, bringing the total number of positive cases since the outbreak to 1,155.

According to a press release issued here today by the the Ministry of Health, the cases were found as follows:

One case was found in 11 samples taken through the process of tracing the contacts of already confirmed cases. This case concerns a Cypriot from Limassol who is a contact of cases detected in a supermarket cluster in Limassol.   

Two cases were found in 1,128 samples taken in the framework of testing passengers and repatriated persons. One case was detected after carrying out a random test on passengers arriving from countries in category A and B. Both are Cypriots, a man and a woman. The Cypriot man arrived yesterday from London and took the test at the airport while the Cypriot woman who lives and works in South Africa arrived yesterday via Paris and Athens. She was tested positive for the virus during the random tests carried out on passengers of the flight from Athens.

 One case was detected in 317 samples taken from the District of Limassol in the context of random testing 3,000 people. This is a random case from Limassol.  

One case was found in 120 samples taken from the General Hospitals` Microbiology Labs.

The Ministry of Health also announced that tests were also carried out with no cases detected as follows: six tests in the programme of screening of 10,000 employees of businesses which resumed operations in the second and third phase of the gradual lifting of restrictions, 226 tests on private initiative, 142 tests on samples taken from the district of Larnaca, 388 tests on samples from the district of Nicosia and 66 tests on samples from the district of Famagusta,  all in the context of random testing 3,000 people, as well as 177 tests on samples through the programme for referrals from personal doctors and special groups screening through public health centres.

In addition, four patients are being treated in good general condition in a ward at the Famagusta General Hospital, the reference hospital.