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Ηealth Ministry: 57.6% of the population inoculated with 1st dose

10/06/2021 16:22

Ηealth Ministry announced on Thursday that according to figures up to June 9, 57.6% of the population got its 1st dose of the COVID vaccine and 37.9% concluded its inoculation and therefore Cyprus moves fast in reaching the goal of inoculating 65% in June.

The Ministry reminds citizens that the Vaccination Portal is open for 18-22 year olds until 5:30pm today and Friday until Saturday it will open for access by citizens aged 40 plus. According to the planning, the Portal will open again in the next weeks to cover 18-39 year olds and then 18 and over.

Health Ministry points out that the new variants of COVID are more transmissible and therefore the inoculation and immunization is the means to shield ourselves. It also underlines that the results of the vaccinations are already visible as the epidemiological figures have improved, the cases have dropped and so has the positivity rate. Especially in nursing homes the positivity rate stands lower than 0.1%. The Ministry also says that the hospitalizations have also declined especially as regards older citizens.
Those vaccinated with at least the 1st dose show mild symptoms in case they get infected.

It is also noted that the vaccinations and the good epidemiological date made it possible for more sectors of economic activities to reopen and resume business. Moreover the Ministry says that these data have put Cyprus in the orange category of ECDC.