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Majority of COVID-19 patients in hospital are not vaccinated

26/01/2022 08:53

Most patients with COVID-19 currently being treated in hospital are not vaccinated, according to the latest data by the Health Ministry.

On January 25, 78% of hospitalised COVID-19 patients were not vaccinated, the Ministry said.

According to the data, 3% of inpatients with COVID-19 are fully vaccinated, whereas for 10%, five-and-a-half months have passed since the date they received their second dose or the first one in the case they were vaccinated with the Johnson and Johnson vaccine.

Another 3% is partially vaccinated, while 1% got ill less than 14 days since the day they received their booster dose. The remaining 5% concerns patients who got ill 14 days or more after they received their booster shot.

The Health Ministry clarified that post COVID patients who are still being treated in hospital are not included in these figures.