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Minister urges public to be vigilant, saying virus has spread in the community

06/08/2020 10:13

Cyprus' Minister of Health Constantinos Ioannou has urged the public to be vigilant saying that findings following the completion of 3,000 random tests confirm that the virus causing COVID-19 has spread in the community. He also announced another 10,000 tests across Cyprus in an effort to identify the extent and the areas affected by the coronavirus.

In a written statement on Wednesday the Minister stresses that this causes great concern because if clusters are left uncontrolled  the spread of the virus can reach dangerous proportions.

He notes that data show that most carriers of the virus are young people who do not exhibit any symptoms.

This, he adds, is a cause of concern because it increases the risk of transmitting the virus, since people with this profile are socially more active and spread the virus, unknowingly, to more people and to a larger geographical area, which  makes tracking difficult.

In view of the above, he states, the health authorities begin today 10,000 additional tests in all cities in an effort to identify in more detail the extent and the areas affected.

"We have won the battle but the war is still raging and we have to be vigilant until a vaccine is found" he Minister notes, urging once more the people to cooperate with the authorities.

The Minister says that he understands the problems that people face daily, but points out that this is a matter of public health.

"I am relying on the sense of responsibility of each one of you", he says.

Our primary concern is public health, he adds, expressing conviction that people will show patience and perseverance until this comes to an end.