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Ministry of Health announced 127 new coronavirus cases

22/10/2020 09:10

The Ministry of Health announced on Wednesday 127 more cases of SARS-CoV-2.

According to a press release, the 127 cases were found among 3,309 laboratory tests. Since the outbreak of the pandemic in Cyprus the persons tested positve for the coronavirus reaches 2,966.

The Ministry said that in the last three days the number of patients in need of treatment exceeds 20 with an upward trend. There is also an increase in people who have more severe symptoms and need hospitalization.

It is noted that 19 patients are being treated in the Famagusta General Hospital, three of whom in the increased care unit. In the Nicosia General Hospital there are two patients in the intensive care unit and two others in the COVID19 ward.

A total of 31 cases were found in 315 samples taken in the framework of  contact tracing, 74 cases among  1,357 tests taken upon private initiative, six cases were detected among 267 tests done in the Microbiology Laboratories of the General Hospitals, 12 cases among 244 tests taken after GP referrals and 4 cases after samples taken at airports.

Meanwhile, no positive cases were found among 216 tests carried out in schools, 43 tests among footballers and other team members, 29 tests done among immigrants, and 148 tests carried out in care homes.