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Ministry of Health announced six more COVID-19 cases

08/05/2020 09:18

Six new cases of coronavirus were confirmed by authorities on Thursday as scientists said the numbers are in line with their expectations.

On the basis of the data so far, the number of confirmed cases in Cyprus has reached 889 including ten in the British Bases on the island.

Dr. Leontios Kostrikis, member of the Scientific Committee on the pandemic told a press conference at the Ministry of Health, that from 166 tests in contact tracing, three came out positive as well as one from 595 tests on a private initiative and two from 33 tests of special groups through public health clinics.

No tests came back positive from the 280 tests in the General Hospitals Microbiology Labs, the two tests on persons who returned from overseas and the 698 tests on employees working in the food and beverage retail industry and nursing homes.

Dr. Kostrikis said the numbers are in line with the Scientific Teams estimations on the epidemiological situation, adding however that the course of the virus in Cyprus depends on how people behave. For this reason, hygiene rules should be strictly adhered to.

Dr Marios Loizou, Scientific Director at the Nicosia Directorate of the Cyprus State Health Services Organisation said that nine people were hospitalised at Famagusta General Hospital, operating as the COVID-19 reference hospital, one of them in the Increased Care Unit. Their condition is stable. Four people were dischared. There are five patients who are intubated at Limassol General hospital ICU and four at the Nicosia General hospital ICU. Their condition is critical but stable. There are also five more confirmed cases in other hospitals.

Dr. Loizou said that as we gradually come into contact with more people, we need to be on standby. He said that with the onset of the slightest symptom, people should contact their general physician. Prompt diagnosis, isolation and treatment are the measures which need to be implemented to protect and maintain the good numbers Cyprus has achieved.