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No discussion for changing measures against COVID-19

17/09/2021 16:16

Member of the Advisory Scientific Committee on COVID-19 in Cyprus, Professor Microbiology/Molecular Virology at the University of Nicosia Medical School, Petros Karayiannis, told CNA on Friday that no discussion is taking place right now to change the measures taken against COVID-19, noting that the epidemiological outlook is stable.

Invited by CNA to say if they are considering to change existing measures aiming at coping with the pandemic, Karayiannis said that right now there is no such discussion.

He noted that there is some concern as regards the return of the students to their schools, however "the situation is good and there is no reason for the measures to change, either to tighten or loosen them."

Asked if the epidemiological outlook could worsen during autumn or winter, Karayiannis said that this will depend on how the situation will evolve during the next days.
If the number of cases traced continues to drop then the problem will be limited to the minimum, Karayiannis said, adding that if vaccinations continue then people will be better protected.

As regards the 3rd dose of the vaccine, Karayiannis said that it seems to be necessary for the elders and the vulnerable groups of the population as well as for people who are over a certain age.

Here in Cyprus it was decided that this age is 65 and over, he added.